Specialty Services


Custom wood doors, furniture, mantels, architectural components, custom and duplicate turnings, custom mouldings, and louvered doors and shutters are just a few of the many items and options offered by BLUE MOUNTAIN CUSTOM WOOD PRODUCTS. We believe that the price of a custom wood product does not necessarily need to significantly exceed the price of its mass-produced counterpart. This may seem a bold claim, especially in today's economic environment. The philosophy supporting our belief is complex, but it is solid. For more on how we price our products and services, CLICK HERE.
All work is done by hand, and I guarantee BLUE MOUNTAIN CUSTOM WOOD PRODUCTS will not be exceeded in quality, and that our pricing will meet or beat the price of any similar product. All BLUE MOUNTAIN CUSTOM WOOD PRODUCTS are guaranteed, under normal conditions of use, for life.
Please contact us with any questions you may have!