BLUE MOUNTAIN CUSTOM WOOD PRODUCTS unconditionally guarantees against failure of any product or component thereof resulting from defect in material and/or manufacturing and which is used under normal circumstances, for life.
BLUE MOUNTAIN CUSTOM WOOD PRODUCTS guarantees that the price of any new, custom-manufactured item that we produce will be less than the advertised or written quoted price of a same new, custom-manufactured item sold by any other custom commercial establishment. This does not apply to any price or quote obtained after we begin production.
If time or financial factors arise for our client which prevent BLUE MOUNTAIN CUSTOM WOOD PRODUCTS from completing a special-order project, any warranty, expressed or implied, is void.  Our Lifetime Guarantee is valid only for projects or items completed and finished by  BLUE MOUNTAIN CUSTOM WOOD PRODUCTS.
BLUE MOUNTAIN CUSTOM WOOD PRODUCTS reserves the right to refuse any project for any reason.